Our Marion campus of residential undergraduate students is home to 3,000+ students. 

Our overall university size is 14,000+ (all programs). Indiana Wesleyan is the largest university

in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities


Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered academic community committed to changing
the world by developing students in character, scholarship, and leadership.


Indiana Wesleyan University is a truly great Christian university serving the world.


The primary value for Indiana Wesleyan University is Christlikeness. The challenge tofollow Christ compels us to pursue a personal and professional lifestyle of Commitment,Leadership, Service, Stewardship, Innovation and Diversity.

“The Christian Worship major is a beautifully curated program that allowed me to dive into a holistic and practical study of the theology of worship, how to carefully plan for proper biblical worship, and how to disciple a congregation to grow as worshipers. Each course in the program has been incredibly valuable, and has grown my heart for worship and my desire to lead a congregation towards faithful expression of relationship with God through congregational worship.”

Becca Bonica, Worship Arts

“My first year of training in the Worship Arts major at Indiana Wesleyan University changed my entire perspective of worship and taught me how to lead people in the biblical view of worship. I learned worship not only from a theological perspective but also in a practical way. It is for sure one of the best worship major programs in the USA.”

Yechan Son, Worship Studies/Music Ministry

“I used to think that worship was only meant for musicians. But the Worship Ministries major at IWU has offered me a broader vision for worship—one that engulfs all of the ministries of the church—meaning that I, as a pastor, actually have a calling as a worship leader.”

Ben Snoek, Worship Ministries


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