Rev. Dr. Constance Cherry, Professor of Worship, heads up the programs in worship. She has led the IWU Worship Department from one worship program in the early days, to the robust complement of four worship programs today.


Constance is uniquely qualified for her role.

  • Experience. She has decades of vocational worship leadership in the local church (and counting).

  • Education. Her academic degrees include a breadth of training in music, ministry, and a terminal degree in Christian Worship.

  • Equipper. As an author, she continues to make a major contribution to the field of Christian worship. Her books are used as required texts in more than 150 institutions of higher education worldwide and are appearing in a growing number of languages.

  • Emphasis. Constance exudes a deep love for the Church. She helps students realize that knowledge and talent alone are not enough to succeed in ministry. A pastoral approach to leadership is necessary for true success. 

Students also study with many expert professors at IWU who teach in the worship programs, providing a well-rounded experience for our students. 

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