The Contemporary Psalter is a collection of ten psalm “antiphons” (short, repeated psalm phrases sung by the congregation intermittent with the reading of the psalm verses). These antiphons are very lyrical, beautiful, and simple—easy and meaningful for any congregation to be able to sing immediately. Each antiphon in The Contemporary Psalter comes “bulletin ready” including the antiphon and the text of the psalm. All you have to do is paste it directly into your worship bulletin or scan for video projection on a screen. Piano accompaniment is provided for all ten antiphons, and some have optional solo instrumentation to add a little color!

Cost: $15.00 + $2.50 S&H

“As a worship service designer, I find that The Contemporary Psalter is a useful resource for various worship settings. The singable and easy to learn response melodies enrich the unison or responsive Psalm readings.”



– Minister of Worship, First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC Canada

How it all began…

In 1980 I took the course, “Hymnology” with esteemed scholar Dr. Hugh T. McElrath at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I had begun the Master of Church Music degree program. This course really changed my life. During the semester, Dr. McElrath convincingly addressed our class of 80 students with these words, “Every one of you should be writing hymns.” I took him seriously and began to write hymn texts. Now, decades later, I have hymns in seven major hymnals published since 1990. In 2001 Hope Publishing Company published a solo collection of my hymns.

Hope Publishing Company owns the copyright to my hymns. Getting permission to use them legally is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Just visit the publisher’s website and select “permissions” or phone 1-800-323-1049.

I’m still writing hymns…

Are you or your organization interesting in commissioning a hymn? Contact me for more information.

Free Sample Work

“We Are Christ’s Body”

"Incarnate Son From Heaven"

When Will People Cease Their Fighting?

1. When will people cease their fighting?

    When will armies wage no war,

    nations conquer not their neighbor,

    weapons idle, used no more?

    When will guns and bombs be silent?

    When will captives be set free?

    All creation groans in longing

    for the world’s true liberty.

3. As we strive for peace with vigor,

    hoping to be shown the way,

    we are strengthened in the knowledge

    of a future, perfect day;

    for we know that deeper, richer

    peace is ours when Christ shall reign:

    then will all our swords be plowshares

    and God’s children free from pain.

2. Floods and earthquakes, drought and famine

    plague the world with awesome ill,

    but far greater is war’s horror

    caused by human, stubborn will.

    Blest are those who working, praying,

    purpose in their hearts to be

    instruments of peace, committed

    to the nations’ harmony.

Copyright © 1990 Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

For permission to use this text, please contact Hope Publishing Co. through Hope’s website at,
or by phone at 1-800-323-1049.

Here’s a sample hymn text by Constance M. Cherry



Solo Collection

Proclaim New Hope (solo author collection of my original hymn texts)

Hope Publishing Company (2001)

Individual Hymns in Publication

The Hymnary

Calvin Institute and Christian Ethereal Library (2008)

Eight original hymn texts included

“Christ, We Come with Joy and Gladness” published in the following hymnals:

Worship and Song, Abingdon Press

Celebrating Grace:  Hymnal for Baptist Worship, Mercer University Press (2010)

Supplement 99, Hope Publishing Company (1999)

“Your Servant Comes This Hour” published in the following hymnals:

Worship and Rejoice, Hope Publishing Company (2001)

Supplement 99, Hope Publishing Company (1999)

“When Will People Cease Their Fighting” published in the following hymnals:

Worship and Rejoice, Hope Publishing Company, 2001

Voices United, The United Church of Canada, 1996

The Covenant Hymnal, Covenant Publications, 1996

Chalice Hymnal, Chalice Press, 1995

The Presbyterian Hymnal, Westminster/John Knox Press, 1990

“God Hears the Children Crying”

Supplement 99, Hope Publishing Company (1999)

“Proclaim New Hope Through Christ, Our Lord” published in:

Holding in Trust: Hymns of the Hymn Society (1992)

Hymns: A Congregational Study by James R. Sydnor, Hope Publishing Company (1983)

The Hymn: A Journal of Congregational Song, The Hymn Society in the United

States and Canada (October, 1982).

I write tunes too…

Several original hymn tunes appear in Proclaim New Hope (Hope Publishing Company, 2001). They include OAKDALE, ROWLAND, ST. MARKS, CHILLICOTHE, and OUR FATHER.

Here’s a hymnography of my texts:

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